Top 40 for Top Ten Year Olds!

other brotherIf you are 10 (or thereabouts!) and you are looking for a challenge then this is the list for you! Lots of Mums and Dads and teachers have been asking for a list of titles for Year 5 boys who are keen readers and are looking for something different. It’s not that I don’t LOVE books about toilets, zombies, very silly teachers and bad breath…..BUT I also want to encourage all boys to try something a little more … well … thoughtful, inspiring, even challenging! So here it is! All titles are available in our College library.

The Little Grey Men / B.B.
Dinosaur Knights / Bauer, Michael Gerard
The Name of this Book is Secret / Bosch, Pseudonymous
Artemis Fowl / Colfer, Eoin
Lion Boy / Corder, Zizou
The Fire Within (Dragon Chronicles) / d’Lacey, Chris
Rangers Apprentice / Flannagan, John
Inkheart / Funke, Cornelia
Into the Wild (The Warrior Cats) / Hunter, Erin
Tales of Redwall / Jacques, Brian
Coming of the Whirlpool (Ship Kings) / McGahan, Andrew
Clockwork Forest / McLeod, Doug
Midnight for Charlie Bone (Children of the Red King) / Nimmo, Jenny
Mr Monday (Keys to the Kingdom) / Nix, Garth
Ghost Hunter / Paver, Michelle
The Red Pyramid (Kane Chronicles) / Riordan, Rick
Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief / Riordan, Rick
The Golden Door / Rodda, Emily
Beyond the Deepwoods (Edge Chronicles) / Stewart, Paul
Museum of Thieves (The Keepers) / Tanner, Lian
Dragonkeeper / Wilkinson, Carole
100 cupboards / Wilson, N.D.
Historical Fiction
Convict Boy / French, Jackie
Once / Gleitzmann, Morris
Stowaway / Hesse, Karen
Eye of the Beast (Moonshadow series) / Higgins, Simon
On Two Feet and Wings / Kazerooni, Abbas
War Horse / Morpurgo, Michael
Elephant in the Garden / Morpurgo, Michael
Boys Without Names / Sheth, Kashmira
The Youngest Templar / Spradlin, Michael
Billy Mack’s War / Roy, James
Realistic Fiction
Wish / Arena, Felice
MIllions / Boyce, Frank Cottrell
Danny Allen Was Here / Cummings, Phil
Matty Forever / Fensham, Elizabeth
The Tuckshop Kid / Flynn, Pat
Other Brother / French, Simon
The Naming of Tiskin Silk / Millard, Glenda
Billionarie’s Curse / Newsome, Richard
Framed / Boyce, Frank Cottrell

Student Blog – Artemis Fowl

By Callum W.

Artemis Fowl is not an ordinary 12 year old boy. His father runs one of the world’s biggest crime empires. Artemis himself is a highly talented individual but he needs money! His solution … steal gold from of a group of mythical creatures… Fairies!
But these fairies are not like the fairies in books! These fairies are high tech and militarily advanced. When Artemis takes a stubborn fairy called Captain Holly Short hostage and demands a large amount of fairy gold in return for the captain, the fairies disagree!

Artemis has created an enemy unknown to mankind. The fairies, led by hot tempered Commander Root, put Artemis’ home, Fowl Manor, under siege. To escape the siege Artemis creates a risky plan… Trick the fairies into giving him the gold thinking they can get it back.

Artemis Fowl is a thrilling adventure and fantasy book. In the series there are seven books out and one coming out this year (2012).

By Callum W.

DETAILS: ‘Artemis Fowl’ by Eoin Colfer. Call Number: F COL

The Dead I Know

This is one of those books you know you’ll never forget.  I so agree with John Marsden (author of ‘Tomorrow When the War Began’) who says “I have never read a book more gripping … I love how it haunts me still.  I swear I will never forget The Dead I Know”.

After going through 5 schools in 5 years Aaron Rowe now has a job as an assistant at a funeral home.   He finds himself unexpectedly comfortable in this foreign environment and, to the Director John Barton’s surprise, naturally competent. But Aaron has other troubles.  He struggles with recurring nightmares he doesn’t fully understand and his sleepwalking is taking him to increasingly more distant and precarious locations.  His guardian Mam struggles daily with the simplest of tasks and his neighbours in Van 57 at the caravan park where he and Mam live are violent and dangerous.  Can Aaron’s new job help him to unravel his disturbing  dreams and come to terms with his past and his present?  Can a 12 year old girl, Skye Barton, open his heart and mind to hope and healing with her peculiar form of persistence, faith and friendship?

A breathtaking, heartstopping and unforgettable read for 14 years and over.  I loved it.  Shortlisted for this year’s Children Book Council of Australia Book of the Year Awards.

DETAILS: ‘The Dead I Know’ by Scot Gardner. Call Number: F GAR

Our First Student Blog!

Introducing a new feature to Readers Rock – blog entries written by students….and here’s our first!!!

By Callum C.

In the Second World War a branch of the British intelligence was formed using children aged between ten and seventeen. The children were all orphans taken out of care homes and trained undercover in a campus in England. The operation was called CHERUB and is still going strong today with only four agents killed. CHERUB uses children because nobody would suspect a child to be spying on them and planning to put them in jail.

11 year old James Adams has to worry about lots in his life .. like his shop lifter mum and his step sister Lauren and her crazy father Ron. One afternoon James has an anger snap at school and returns home to see his injured mum and Ron on the couch and they are both drinking. The next morning James wakes to find his mother still asleep so he tries to wake her but she wouldn’t wake up. He feels her pulse and he feels nothing. James’ mother had died the night before. After that moment, James life is never the same. With Ron getting custody of Lauren but not James, James is sent to a care home called “Nebraska House”.

One morning James wakes up in a strange room with a set of clothes on the floor. On the front of the T-shirt is a picture of a baby with a bow and arrow, sitting on the world. He finally realizes this is the logo of CHERUB and he is a new recruit. Now he has to undergo many challenges including one hundred days basic training, Mr. Large and busting the biggest terrorist group in all of Britain.

The CHERUB series is a great read that you won’t want to put down once you start. It is written by Robert Muchamore. There are twelve books in the series.

DETAILS: ‘The Recruit’ by Robert Muchamore. Call Number: F MUC

Game Anyone?

In the ruins of North America, sometime in the future, they play a game.  As punishment for their rebellious actions of the past, and a yearly reminder of the might of the Capitol, the repressed families of the Districts of Panem are forced to scarifice 23 of their children in a yearly fight to the death, known as the Hunger Games.  Each terryfying moment and every brutal death is televised and viewing is mandatory, in a gruesome take on the modern reality TV genre.  Unlike Survivor or The X Factor,  in this game, losers die … but winners become celebrities and return to an easy life in their home Districts. Their home Districts too share in the rewards of their victory and are showered with prizes for a year, mainly food, to ease their lives of slavery and starvation.
Katniss Everdeen is 16.  Since her father’s death in the mines of District 13 she has fed her family through illegal poaching and trading. Her skill with the bow and arrow are formidable.  When her 12 year old sister is selected by ballot to participate in the 74th Hunger Games, Katniss takes her place.  Within days she finds herself in the Capitol – a celebrity with a team of stylists and coaches determined to transform her into the most favoured contestant, a position that will secure financial sponsorship … and in turn, concrete, possibly lifesaving, assistance in the fighting arena.

This is a gripping dystopian tale; science fiction, but not completely out of the realms of the believable.  I cannot stop reading!!  There are 3 books in the series – Books 2 and 3 are Catching Fire and Mockingjay.  Will be in the cinemas next year.  See the movie trailer HERE

DETAILS: ‘The Hunger Games’ by Suzanne Collins. Call Number: F COL


New Moonshadow Just Released!


Last year we had the great pleasure of welcoming to our school author Simon Higgins as part of our Book Week celebrations!  We will never forget Simon’s breathtaking demonstrations of the ancient art of Japanese swordsmanship known as Eishin Ryu, his inspirational lectures on writing and on Samurai culture or his highly enjoyable writing workshops.   As copies of the Moonshadow series flew out the Library door with the speed of a samurai slice, I donned my girl ninja gear for the Year 5’s Book Week Parade, no longer able to conceal my own great love of all things Japanese!

It is with great excitment that I can now report that the 3rd instalment in the Moonshadow series, “Moonshadow: The Twilight War”, has just been published and is on its way to the Library shelves very soon!  On his blog Simon tells us that this new story, although following on from events in the first two Moonshadow books, is also a standalone story so you do not have to have read the first 2 in the series to fully enjoy this third ninja adventure!  BUT, if you do want to read the first two, then check out their details below and be well prepared for the arrival of our copies of “Twilight War” soon!

 DETAILS: ‘Moonshadow: Eye of the Beast’ and ‘Moonshadow: The Wrath of Silver Wolf’ by Simon Higgins. Call Number: F HIG 

Simon Higgins and Mrs Taylor